Konjolka Media does what most companies can't achieve, that's delivering what's promised.
What We Do
During our 25 years in the media business, we have planned, negotiated and effectively managed the use of virtually every type of international, national, regional and local media.

We have successfully used national spot TV, network TV and all types of radio from national syndicated radio to the smallest local markets. We also have extensive experience in the creative media use of national and local cable.

From the smallest local newspapers to national magazines, we have placed both small regional buys as well as extensive national print programs.

Through joint partnerships we have a team devoted solely to on-line clients, we are able to create and execute media campaigns based on successful models.

Non-Traditional Media
The use of media is based on effectiveness. Interactive, promotions or grass roots efforts, are all elements associated with a successful media program. We are not afraid to think outside the box. The bottom line is the bottom line. Thinking of media as an investment, long term as well as short term, is the basis of our strategic thinking which leads to positive results.



Konjolka Media means results for your company and its media needs.