Konjolka Media does what most companies can't achieve, that's delivering what's promised.
What We Deliver
The Konjolka Media Team delivers service-oriented media management while working in partnership with agencies and advertisers. We work to demystify media and function as our clients' trusted media/marketing advisor to oversee the entire media process.

Sound media decisions begin with research. We have complete research resources which enable us to offer clients extensive analysis and recommendations based on actionable information.

The planning process generates effective media plans based on value and efficiency. The objectives, strategies and tactics are coordinated with affordable budgets to achieve measurable results. Our objectives are actionable, our strategies are aggressive and our tactics are creative.

Buying and Negotiating
Thinking of our client's investment as though it were our own money leads us to aggressively achieve the best media value. For all advertising needs, including: broadcast, print, on-line and outdoor we will pursue the most effective deal, not just the lowest price. Our buying professionals are always involved in the planning so that the executions are fully compatible with the strategic objectives.

Each confirmation, tear sheet and schedule is carefully checked from the time the buy is placed until the media is paid. We are careful to make the media a partner in the client's interest for a successful program.

When mistakes or underdeliveries occur, we will aggressively negotiate and place bonus spots or makegoods to protect the client's investment.



Flexibility means tailored solutions for your company.